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PR InfoHub is a well known & reputed Tutorials Website. We provide free online study material & Articles related to computer's application , programming,web designing,Soft Skill etc.We organize Live Event such as Workshop ,Seminar ,Skill Development Program,All Round Development Program etc.We also provide the complete solution for Hardware & Software.

We develop Software ,Website & App.Now a days we are working as a freelancer. PR InfoHub has a very clear goal.We are dedicated to successful outcomes.Our dynamic and proficient team of experts work with all the latest development platforms, tools and industry standards to deliver high-performance products.

We are eager to discuss your business needs, and answer any questions you may have.Fill up the form and we will get back to you within one business day to provide a valuable insight.


Our vision is to become the most accountable global application outsourcing provider. By investing in our people, technology, advanced development methodologies, and by providing business solutions that reduce operational costs and risks, we can market your products faster.


Our mission is to create true business value. We do this by providing the skills and methods necessary to improve the success rate of enterprise projects, reduce costs, and create greater alignment between systems and business users.

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We use Latest Tools & Technology.

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We have a team of experts which are well-versed in managing IT project risks while maximizing the business value. We customize our practices to ensure successful completion of your goals and enable the best possible returns at the same time. With these qualities we are leading the fields of system integration, application outsourcing, top of the line solutions and many more; providing fully comprehensive and successful services.

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Ritesh Jha

Founder & Developer

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Danish Nayeem

Co-founder & Developer

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Niraj Mishra

Developer & Trainer

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Pranay Kumar Singh

Developer & Trainer

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Ashish Jha

Yoga Trainer

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Gaurav Jha

SEO Expert

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Technical Writer & Trainer

Suman Bharti

Asist. Developer

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Rakhi Jha

Trainer & Developer

Dharbendra Singh

Hardware Expert

Govind Jha


Alka Singh

Tecnical writer & Assit. Developer

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Teaching is our passion and sharing knowledge is our motto.